Psorinum 30C Homeopathic Mange Treatment for Foxes

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Homeopathic Mange Treatment for Foxes

Spectacular recoveries from mange have been achieved by use of a homoeopathic remedy of psorinum 30c. Since the remedy is made up from natural ingredients there is no fear of overdosing and nothing to worry about if a non-infected fox or other animal or bird takes the treatment.The Fox Project and Forest Foxes have found this treatment effective on foxes suffering up to 40% mange.


Application of psorinum involves 1 pillule daily. It is best given on small items of food that make it difficult for the animal to remove, bury and thereby waste the medication. If only one fox is being treated then the pillule can be left in the food. If several foxes are to be treated then stir the pillule into some water until dissolved and sprinkle the medicated water over the food which should be scattered so that all foxes can get a mouthful.

If you can be sure the foxes will all take a drink from a water bowl, then the tablet can be put in the water bowl.

It is essential that the pillule doesn’t touch your hands as the remedy is a coating on the outside of the pillule. Tip the pillule into the bottle cap and transfer from there.Treatment should continue for one week. However, if the animal deteriorates or fails to show signs of recovery, it may be appropriate to contact your local wildlife rescue centre to trap and treat it in-house or to seek support from your vet.
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12 reviews for Psorinum 30C Homeopathic Mange Treatment for Foxes

  1. Clare

    We purchased your Homeopathic tratment in April for two young foxes that visit us. We think they had lost their mother as she stopped coming. They were becoming very scrawny and over time they lost much of their fur. Their tails were bare and we thought they would die.
    We are so happy to tell you that after using the treatment they are looking great, all body fur is back and their tails are sprouting fur too!

  2. Lin

    Pills ordered Friday late afternoon, arrived Saturday morning , postage free. That’s what I call customer service.

  3. Marion

    We bought this treatment and managed to treat on particular fox who was suffering with mange quite badly. We have a mother and cub who visit now, but mum is showing signs so we are now going to have to treat her.

  4. Mark King

    Ordered on a Friday afternoon and delivered the next morning, couldn’t ask for a better service. Thanks.

  5. Susan Prince-Iles

    Fantastic service, ordered this product on the Friday morning & it arrived the next morning. The personal note hand written on the instruction leaflet was a lovely touch, how often are you made to feel a valued customer? Hope the product works for my poor furless fox, will let you know.

  6. Sonia Williams

    Brilliant remedy! We had a fox at our workplace, who showed up one day with his eyes half closed and his hindquarters looking scaly. We “diagnosed” mange and went to this excellent webiste and got some treatment. Very small tablets and I was a bit skeptical it would work. We gave the fox a tablet a day, in wet food, for 10 consecutive days, just to be sure “he” was the one getting it and a few weeks’ later, he came out and his eyes were clear and the fur on his hindquarters was growing back. Pet Perfection also sent the tablets ASAP, which meant we could start him on treatment quickly, as mange can be a life-threatening problem for foxes.

  7. Jane McLaughlin

    I bought this for use on 3 foxes of varying stages. One had almost completely lost its hair, the other two just their hinds. The product arrived next day, it is very easy to administer as there are various ways ( information comes with it) to use it. I am so very pleased at the results opinion…Excellent product.

  8. claire sutherland

    the service is second to none, ordered late Friday afternoon, received Saturday morning, and the product is good and works really well

  9. Sarah Watts

    I bought this treatment for a fox that started coming into our garden, it had very bad hair loss on its rear end & tail. I have been giving it one tablet every day for 2 weeks now & the fur is back, this stuff really works & our little friend is now much happier, thank you.

  10. Alan Wootton (verified owner)

    Great results using this treatment, the rear of the Fox was badly affected – it cleared up perfectly and fur is now returning.
    Would recommend.

  11. Nicola Degen (verified owner)

    I have used thid multiple times on different foxes, works every time. This was recommended to me by The Fox Project. Purchased some for my dad to use on his visitoring foxes, same succeds

  12. Louise Ashcroft (verified owner)

    This was very effective in healing the mange that our garden foxes were suffering to their tail and rear end. After a week, the fur started to grow back and the foxes seemed much happier. Brilliant customer service from Pet Perfection.

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