Homeopathic Infection Treatment for Foxes




Homeopathic Infection Treatment for Foxes

Application of hepa sulph and silica involves 1 pillule daily. It is best given on small items of food that make it difficult for the animal to remove, bury and thereby waste the medication. If only one fox is being treated then the pillule can be left in the food. If several foxes are to be treated then dissolve the pillule in a glass of water and sprinkle the medicated water over the food so that all foxes will get a mouthful.
If you can be sure the foxes will all take a drink from a water bowl, then the pillule can be put in the water bowl.
It is essential that the pillule doesn’t touch your hands as the remedy is a coating on the outside of the pillule. Tip the pillule into the bottle cap and transfer from there.

Treatment should continue for one week but stop treatment as soon as infection is observed to have gone. However, if the animal deteriorates or fails to show signs of recovery, it may be appropriate to contact your local wildlife rescue centre to trap and treat it in-house or to seek support from your vet.


Pet Perfection will donate all profits from sales of psorinum or arnica, rhus tox and rhuta grav to The Fox Project.


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