Corn Snake


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Corn Snake

Description: Corns snakes are a relatively small snake from the Colubridae family. They come in a range of different morphs in a variety of colours, but normal (Carolina) corns are bright red to orange with black markings. If you would like to know more about the different morphs available, please see the Morph section on the Forum.

Size:  120cm -190cm (4ft-6ft)

Life span: (Captive) Pet Corns have the potential to live for over 18 years; records exist of Corns over 22 years of age.

Origin: USA (Range found throughout Central and Eastern America)

Habitat: Pine forests, rocky outcrops, grasslands, hills and around farms and grain stores. They are often found within corn stores, feeding on the rodents that feed in the corn, hence the name Corn Snake. They are a terrestial species, spening the majority of their time on the ground, but they also appreciate the opportunity to climb.

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