Pampuss Wood Pellet Cat Litter 5 litre


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Pampuss Wood Pellet Cat Litter 5 litre

Super Absorbent – Produced from finer ground wood rather than sawdust to make Pampuss even more absorbent than most wood based cat litters. Creating a cleaner pellet means less dust to cling to your cat’s paws and longer lasting litter.

Hygenic – Minimises bacteria and makes the disposal of soiled litter clean and easy.

Controls Odour – Pampuss is quick to absorb and control odour with the added benefit of a natural pine aroma.

Economical – Superior absorbency means Pampuss can last longer reducing tray cleaning.

Alternative uses – Ideal for use with rabbits or small animals, certain reptiles and as an aviary floor dressing.



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