Neutral Dog Waste Bags 120


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Bags on Board Dog Waste Bags 120

Clean & Easy! 100% Biodegradable*The Cleanest way to pick up after your pet! 8 
Refill Rolls /120 Total Bags Strong & Durable Leak Proof Double Seal Construction 
With Bags on Board you’ll always have bags with you! Bags on Board makes picking 
up after your pet a walk in the park. The sturdy design makes for a dependable yet 
environmentally friendly tool for the most undesirable of tasks. *Fight OverPOOPulation 
by doing your part! Pet waste is not fertilizer. If not disposed of properly in a waste 
bin, the bacteria found in pet waste can pose health risks to your family and pets. 
Responsible pet parents always clean up after their pets.



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