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Long Paws Stainless Steel Water Bottle for dogs 750ml Silver

The stainless steel dog water bottle releases water as your dog licks.  Perfect for outdoors, walks, holidays, and exercising. Holds 500ml, leak resistant, reduces waste, and includes a handy clip.

This cleverly designed dog water bottle features a patented floating ball in the nozzle that dispenses water as the dog licks. When the bottle is turned upside down, the weight of the water holds the stainless steel ball down which blocks the water from flowing out. When the dog touches the ball, its’ tongue pushes the ball up and releases a flow of the water. It’s all about lick ‘n flow.

 •Patented lick ‘n flow system releases water as your dog licks
• Stainless steel water bottle
• Avoids water spills and prevents waste
• Leak resistant caps
• Large opening for easy clean and fill
• Clips to your bag or belt
• Holds 500ml of water


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