Antler Dog Chew X Large


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Antler Dog Chew X Large

Antler Dog Chews are great for your dog. They contain a number of great minerals, they are incredibly hard and long lasting. Your dog will find them exciting, and for you they do not smell or stain! This is a totally natural product, with no additives and preservatives, and as they are naturally shed they are sustainable too!


This chew is extra large, and suitable for big sized breeds from Newfoundland, Great Danes to wolf hounds. It will be approximately 16-28cm long, depending on circumference and weight of the antler.  As this is a natural product, circumference and weight vary enormously between antlers, so shorter ones will be thicker and heavier, longer ones will be thinner and longer.

Our XL Antlers weigh 226-320g.



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